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In fact, almost every myth this book discredits uses direct passages from the Qur'an, quotations from Islamic leaders, and historical evidence.

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Th is was a pleasant surprise -- there's no rabid hate of Islam in here -- just a very scholarly and logical refutation of myths. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to others -- even if you don't agree with the book's premise, you will at least get a good introduction to Islamic theology. As a college senior studying to be a high school history teacher, and with an interest in world religions, I developed an interest in Islam.

Although I took a course on Islamic History, the professor can't cover everything in 15 weeks. Since I couldn't find any texts seeming to be fair and balanced, I bought this one and one favoring the Muslims and will eventually read both. The references that Spencer uses are consistent with my English translation of the Koran. He makes a compelling case that Allah and Jehovah aren't the same god, contrary to popular belief. He argues that the Crusaders, rather than being merely brutal savages, were responsible for stalling the Muslim expansion and giving Europe enough time to protect itself.

Although appearing to be biased, his historical statements are consistent with what I learned in college. At the same time, I like that he expands on some concepts that my former professor introduced, like the dhimmi tax. While my professor explained that it was a tax on unbelievers allowing them to practice Christianity, there are many anti-Christian aspects that my professor ignored. You'll also read things about Muhammad's personal life that you're unlikely to hear about in a college class.

However, I don't like everything about the book.

I didn't like that Spencer appeared to have nothing good to say about Muhammad. Like some historians, he conveniently omits portions of history badmouthing the Crusaders and the Roman Catholic Church. Spencer seems to ignore the idea that many Muslims, especially in the U. S, desire peace rather than Jihad via warfare. Though I would be curious to see where their loyalties would be if Osama bin Laden were ever able to conquer us.

In summary, it does a good job showing the Christian, European point of view, but by its very nature is forced to omit other points of view that would make it a more fair and balanced text. In review of my article at large, I would recommend this book as a representative of the Christian, European point of view it may even be the most accurate? However, to obtain a more panoramic picture of the historical aspects, one should read a pro-Islamic text as well.

Often times, I've heard, the truth tends to lie somewhere in the middle. You can decide that for yourself. Not a politically-correct sentence of nonsense in this book. It is a no-holds bared examination of the truth of Islam.

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It examines in frank and great detail the Koran, Hadith literature, and other Muslim teachings. It is clear that Islam teaches jihad and promotes violence in order to accomplish their goal of bringing all people, all countries, the entire world under Islamic rule, Islamic governance, and shariah law.

It is equally clear that the historical PC view of the crusades is grossly distorted. It is a must read book for all Americans, and Westerners, who recognise that Islam holds a serious threat to our way of life.

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Having a modern version of Islam was not the answer to my dilemma, but having a new heart, becoming a new creation was, and will always be the answer to the problem of Islam as a whole. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Standout syndicated columnist and CNN contributor Salena Zito, with veteran Republican strategist Brad Todd, reports across five swing states and over 27, miles to answer the pressing question: Was Donald Trump's election a fluke or did it represent a fundamental shift in the electorate that will have repercussions - for Republicans and Democrats - for years to come. Especially since in the Guide to Capitalism Bob Murphy defends their huge salaries. Definitely well researched. The second part of the book gives a revisionist history of the crusades II that discusses why the crusades were called 10 , contrasts myth and reality about how they were engaged in 11 , discusses their accomplishments 12 , gives a counterfactual picture of life in the absence of the crusades 13 , and has some critical things to say about those who would view Islam and Christianity as equivalent traditions Agenda

The Muslim goal is to subdue America from within, replace our Constitution with Shariah lay and to force all Americans to accept Islam. This book explains this from their own literature and words they speak even today.

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This book explains Islam and their subversive objectives. This book is very politically incorrect. Islam and the Environment. Armies of the Crusades.

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