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Featured event. Future Female Engineers. Quality assurance manager: job description. Quality assurance managers work with other staff to establish procedures and quality standards and to monitor these against agreed targets. Typical employers Qualifications and training Key skills The exact duties of a quality assurance manager vary from industry to industry. If a program does not apply quality and assurance effectively to its management activities, then it is less likely to achieve its objectives and deliver the anticipated value and benefits. Quality is defined as the totality of the features and inherent or assigned characteristics of a product, process or system, which shows that it meets expectations, requirements or specifications.

Now we will discuss assurance. Assurance is the systematic set of actions necessary to provide confidence to the Senior Responsible Owner or SRO read as S-R-O and the stakeholders that the program remains under control. Quality and assurance management is an ongoing activity, which runs throughout the lifecycle of a program, and the main aim of the process is to achieve the right level of quality.

In the next section, we will discuss the differences in the quality and assurance management at the program and project levels. The differences in the quality and assurance management at the program level and the project level are as follows:.

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QAM is changing the way third party inspection and testing services are provided in the life science and semiconductor industries by means of it's Electronic. Quality assurance is an important business process used in manufacturing facilities to monitor and evaluate performance on projects or services. Using QA management techniques contributes to building a strong brand reputation and maintaining high profit margins. Process checklists.

In a program, the focus is on the management, processes, and alignment with the environment in which it exists. In a project, the management of quality is focused on ensuring that the outputs will meet the acceptance criteria and that they are fit for the purpose. Program-level quality must ensure that the project-level quality is delivering the fit-for-purpose capabilities which enable the program to deliver the outcomes and benefits.

Program management principles describe the characteristics of a successful program and act as the critical success factors. When planning for quality in the program, the principles should be the main focus of the areas to be assured as they represent the factors that will determine whether the program is successful or not.

There are many ways that illustrate how the program management principles can be tested to ensure that the program is being delivered optimally. Changes in the corporate portfolio may lead to more optimal delivery configurations than the ones which existed at the outset. Else, it may be the case that the program has served its purpose and should now be closed. If a program does not add any value to the group of projects, it is better that projects are not treated as the program.

It can also be tested by the effect the reviews have on the program and business performance metrics that are used to measure the internal effectiveness. The program principles set out the areas that are critical to the success of a program, but the scope of quality is broader than the rest.

There are eight process areas that require a management review of their effectiveness in supporting the program objectives. The image shown summarizes the key elements to consider when developing and deploying quality and assurance management in the program. Let us begin with the first process area, the communications plan. In the communications plan, quality management activities need to focus on testing the perceptions of the success of the stakeholders. Communications management needs to deliver the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Quality Assurance Management (QAM) - Inspection and Analytical Services

Information management provides support for decision-making by providing the right information. Quality has to ensure that the data satisfies the critical success factors. Quality in a program needs to make sure that the processes are adapted appropriately and used systematically.

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Asset management is done via information control. Quality has to ensure that all the assets are fully utilized. It should be demonstrated by the quality of decisions taken in the program. Leaders of successful programs provide clear direction and communicate the same to the stakeholders inside and outside the organization. In people management, quality activities should make sure that principles such as leading change, envisioning and communicating a better future and learning from experience are followed diligently.

Ensuring the Welfare of people through training, reward and career development should be managed carefully. Quality management activities assure the suitability of the program management activities.

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Supply chain management optimizes the use of resources. Quality in a program has to ensure that the suppliers apply quality management to their processes. In the following sections, we will discuss all of these processes in detail.

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Let us start with communications management in the next section. How about investing your time in MSP Certification now? Communications management focuses on effective communications with stakeholders to understand their requirements for change and to be able to deliver them. Following are some information about communications management:. Communications management refers to the management of process and quality of application rather than just the communication engagements made for the stakeholders.

The program will need to segment its stakeholders to effectively communicate with them and to understand and deliver their requirements for the change. The program should know and understand the stakeholders by developing sound working relations. Monitoring and reviewing the experiences and perceptions of the stakeholders is also required.

Quality Planning vs Quality Assurance vs Quality Control - Project Quality Management

This is to ensure quick and effective responses to rectify the situation where deliverables do not meet the required quality. The core purpose of information management in a program is to provide the right information, in the right format, to the right people at the right time. Following are some critical success factors that support a successful information management system:. Information management should be compliant with the organizational policies and applicable legislation, such as data protection, freedom of information legislation and requirement in terms of length of retention for personal and financial records.


Quality management — Customer satisfaction — Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations. The purpose of the quality and assurance strategy document is to define and establish activities for managing quality across a program. Quality has to ensure that all the assets are fully utilized. Store Standards catalogue ICS 03 Skip to main content. Edited by Alexander Kokorin.

Information integrity should be maintained under change and release management control. The audit should be considered for checking whether distribution systems are working. It means that the information should be available for decision makers whenever they need it. Levels of confidentiality should be set within the program. Appropriate levels of sensitivity should be allocated to the documents and their distribution should be limited.