Power Play: Sport, the Media, and Popular Culture, Revised Second Edition

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New Media sport. Du kanske gillar. Sports Journalism Raymond Boyle Inbunden. Sport and Communication Raymond Boyle Inbunden. Permanent Record Edward Snowden Inbunden. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Praise for the first edition: 'An excellent book that tries to come to grips with the ever-increasing role of sport in the media as a particular phenomenon of 20th-century popular culture.

Gathering new material from around the Rugby World Cup, the Beijing Olympics and the rise of new sports stars such as boxing's Amir Khan and cycling's Victoria Pendleton, the authors explore a wide range of sports, as well as issues including nationalism, gender, race, political economy and the changing patterns of media sport consumption. For those interested in media and sport the second edition combines new and original material with an overview of the developing field of media sport, and examines the way in which the media has increasingly come to dominate how sport is played, organized and thought about in society.

It traces the historical evolution of the relationship between sport and the media and examines the complex business relationships that have grown up around television, sponsors and sport. Covers the following topics: the history of media in sport; television, sport and sponsorship; why sport matters to television; sports stars; sports journalism; fans and the audience; sport in the digital media economy. Passar bra ihop. A Communicative Grammer of English. Adkine, A. Howard, J. A Guide to Practical Journalism by M.

Umar Khawaja A handbook of Reuters journalism, a guide to standards, style and operations. Allen, Cutlip. Public relations. Recommended Books K. Exploring Journalism, the Process of Communication. Boston World Broadcasting System by W. Sydney, Wadsworth PublishingC0, Mass Communication Theory by Baran, S. Mass communication Theory by McQuail, D. Communication Theories by Miller, K. Mass Media Research by Wimmer, R. Recommended Books Dubrin, A. Human Relations: Career and Personal Success.

Davis, K.

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Human Relations at Work: The dynamics of Organizational behaviour. Third edition McGraw-Hill, Inc. Posner Leadership by Philip Sadler.

Introduction and Overview, Benefits and significance of change management, Kurt Lewin model: assumptions and implications, Implications of Kurt Lewin model, Some basic concepts and definitions, Transactional vs. Implementation approaches, Implementation: radical or transformative change, Implementation: punctuated equilibrium model, Change implementation: OD models, Culture, values and organizational change, Organizational values, culture and organizational change.

Project Management Institute, Inc. Brigham and Michael C. Van Horne and John M. Wachowicz , JR. Definition and scope of ethics, relation of ethics to psychology, metaphysics and religion, A brief review of major theories of the moral standard: The standard as law, The standard as happiness, The standard as perfection.

Recommended Books Lecture Handouts. Introduction to conflict, Dispute resolution. Preconceptions about conflict, Conflict diagnosis, Recurrent themes in conflict diagnosis, Describing the conflict, Sources and causes of conflict, Interest analysis, Assessing the character of the conflict, Trust and its significance, Assessing impediments to resolve the conflict, Assessing the negotiating style, Assessing power among disputants, Power, conflict and batna, Stereotypes, Diversity and conflict, Mediation, Advantages and disadvantages of mediation, Process of mediation, Law and ethics of mediation, Arbitration, Non binding evaluation, Mixed and multimodal dispute resolution, Power tools and magic keys, Panchayat, Local government system, and ADR.

Budjac Corvette. Recommended Books Organizational development By Cummings. Recommended Books Various Books. Lecture Handouts. Importance of languages, Sources of material, Internet usage in feature writing, What makes a good feature, Demands of a feature, Conducting and writing of interviews, Writing novelty intros, Structure of features, Selection of pictures, Illustrations and maps, Features and editorial policy, Human interest and feature writing, Newspaper feature story, The newspaper feature story idea, Magazine feature versus dailies, Writing the specialized feature story, Modern feature and its treatment, Modern feature writing technique, Advice to feature writers, Column writing, Column writing in modern age, English and Urdu columnists, Types of columns, Objectives and importance of columns, What are the essentials and basic points that go in to the forming of a column?

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Style, general style of the column, Structure of a column, Column writing tips, Selection of a topic, Qualities of a column writer, What must be practiced by a columnist? Recommended Books Reddick D. Modern Feature Writing, New York. Shafique Jalandhari: Feature Nigari, Lahore Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; 4th ed. You can be a columnist: Writing and Selling your way to prestige.

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Civetta Press. Concepts of Journalism By A. Khalid Waldrap. Editor and Editorial Writing. Rinhart and Co. Dominick, 7th Ed. Cartwright, Knowledge industry publications New York Visual Editing, Howard I. Finberg and Bruce D. Lltale, Wadsworth, Belmont, Cremer, 3rd Ed. McGraw Hill New York Introduction to Online Journalism, Distinguishing characteristics of online journalism, Online Journalism vs.

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Introduction to Mass Communication, Agee, Ault, 12th ed. Y, Media Impact, Shirley Biagi, Wadsworth, Media of Mass Communication, John Vivian, Dynamics of Mass Communication, Dominic 6th Ed. Why media ownership matters? Social and psychological reasons of extremism and terrorism , Difference between fundamentalism and extremism Violence and media, Islamo-phobia and west — All terrorists are Muslims Propaganda against Islam on Western Media, Islamic channels Combating terrorism, Population: The magnitude of Population growth and its consequences International media programs to control population and to create awareness, Poverty alleviation and mass media ,New Information Communication Technologies: Need and Cultural contexts What are ICTs?

Are people better informed in the Information Society? Is Television Harmful for Children? Mass Persuasion And Propaganda, The nature and function of propaganda historically and in contemporary society , Theories and techniques of propaganda and implications of propaganda for democratic values, Theories and techniques of propaganda and implications of propaganda for democratic values Understanding the difference between Persuasion and Propaganda, Communication And Culture What is popular culture?

Introduction to Community Journalism, Role of Journalism in society, Media the mirror of the society, Responsibilities of media, Public listening in community journalism, Identifying community problems, Relationship between community, journalist and media, Public Judgment, Creating a public forum, Theories covering Community Journalism, Development journalism and community journalism, Scope of Community journalism, Community journalism and broadcast media, Community journalism and, Ethics in community journalism, Status of women in a local community, What are the issues of women?

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Coverage of women: professional skills, writing news for women, Writing features for women, Coverage of women issues in main stream Media in comparison with community based media, Status of children in a local community, What are the issues of children? Coverage of children: professional skills, writing news for children, Writing features for children, Coverage of Children, Status of minorities in a local community, What are the issues of minorities? Recommended Books Women of Pakistan. Khawar Mumtaz and Farida Shaheed, Vanguard.

Rashida Patel, Faiza Publishers. Women's Rights in Islam.

Muhammad Sharif Chaudhry, Pub: Sh. Mohammad Ashraf. Finding our way. Readings on women in Pakistan. Metropolitan women in Pakistan. Sabba Hafiz, Royal Book Co. Women in Third World Development. Sue Ellev M.

Westview Press. Women and Power in History, Amaury de. Riencourt Sterling Pub. Situation Analysis of Children and Women in Pakistan. Recommended Books Severin, Werner J.